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Hybrid Falcons


Gyr Falcon | Peregrine x Prairie Falcon
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Hybrid Falcon

Gyr Falcon


Gyr FalconThe Gyr falcon is the largest and fastest of the falcons. Its habitat is the frozen tundra of the Arctic.

There are three different colour phases, white, dark or black and the grey or silver phase.

The white phase falcons are highly prized by Arab falconers as it shows the wealth of the owner.

Gyr FalconMany breeders use the Gyr falcon for artificial insemination and will hybrid the Gyr with the likes of the Saker falcon.


Euan Naylor with Gyr FalconWe are currently training a female Gyr/Saker and she is proving a bit of a handful. If she does not want to do something, she won’t, flying weight or not.

Hopefully she will be flying for the 2003 season.

Peregrine x Prairie Falcon Hybrid


Peregrine x Prairie Falcon HybridPrairie falcons can be found in Mexico.

It is a quite small species when compared to other falcons such as the Peregrine, Saker or Gyr falcons.


Peregrine x Prairie Falcon HybridI have found them to be ill tempered and aggressive, but I have talked to some falconers who have flown them successfully.

They are especially used in the USA where the environment suits them better.


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