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Harris Hawk | Redtailed Hawk | Common Buzzard

Harris Hawk - Parabuteo Unicinctus


Harris hawk - Parabuteo UnicinctusHarris hawks come from Southern and Southern Central America. They are wide spread through out these areas.

A very intelligent species of bird of prey, the Harris hawk is the only bird of prey in the world to be naturally gregarious, they hunt and live together and it is not unusual to see two sisters laying eggs in the same nest. Every bird helps to rear youngsters - some incubate the eggs and some shade the eggs from the heat of the sun.

Harris hawk - Parabuteo UnicinctusWhen hunting they all work together and will catch the same quarry, which consists of sage grouse, rabbits, hare, small snakes, lizards and other birds.


Harris hawk - Parabuteo UnicinctusThe way they hunt their prey is different from other birds of prey. Two or three birds will act as sentries and watch out for predators, mainly coyotes and other birds of prey. Up to six birds will watch the ground intensely for prey and others will actually flush game from bushes and shrubs.

Harris HawkFemales are noticeably bigger than their male counter parts but the plumage remains very similar. Young birds look slightly different and are lighter in colour with tinges of blonde around their chest feathers and in their first moult they will grow in new feathers, which are darker like the adult birds.

This is a ideal beginnerís bird in falconry.

Redtailed Hawk - Buteo Regalis

Redtailed Hawk Redtailed Hawk

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Harris Hawk | Redtailed Hawk | Common Buzzard

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information on hawk birds  


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