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Falconry Terms



Harris Hawk named Storr

Here are some falconry terms that we use in present day:

Falconers would ask one of their children or a boy from their village to carry a small wooden frame with a number of falcons on it to a hunting ground. The person carrying the cadge was called a "Cadger". One term used today is to cadge a lift from a friend or someone may cadge sweets from a friend.

Fed up
If someone is fed up it means they can not be bothered to do something.

This term has come from falconry. If a falconer’s bird is fed up it no longer will fly for them and is considered fed up.

This is a term which some people may recognise, but is not used much today. If you hoodwink someone you stop him or her from seeing things which may upset or frighten them. A falcon or hawk has a leather hat called a hood placed on it to keep it calm in stressful situations and is considered Hoodwinked.

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