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Falconry FAQs



Hybrid Falcon

Q: Are these wild birds?
A: All our birds are captive bred and bought from bird of prey breeders through out the UK.

Q: What do we feed them on?
A: All birds of prey are carnivores. So, we feed them on rats and mice which we buy in bulk, frozen.

Q: Is it unfair to keep owls out during the day time?
A: Every species of owl must fly during the day time during the breeding season to provide for its demanding youngsters. Some owls are diurnal which means that they hunt during the day time.

Q: Why are the birds tethered?
A: The birds are tethered to stop them from fighting and attempting to eat each other. Birds of prey have been kept in captive in this manner for thousands of years.

Q: Do we fly the birds?
A: All of our birds are flown on a daily basis totally free.

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