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Falconry Displays



Our displays are an excellent extra for any shows, gala days or even weddings. We will stay at the event as long as you like.

Static Displays

Static displays are where people can come and see a selection of tethered birds from owls to falcons.

We will stand by for any questions and enquiries.

The birds may be stroked on some occasions but they are not flown.

Barn Owl called Milly

Barn Owl

Flying Displays

Jenny Sandiford with Barn Owl

This display will allow people to see the birds all day but there will also be one or two flying displays with commentary, each lasting approx. 30 minutes.


Jenny Sandiford



At both occasions people may have a Polaroid photograph taken with a bird for a small charge.

Skeabost House Hotel Gala Day

Skeabost House Hotel Gala Day

School Visits

A good way to educate children about birds of prey both in captivity and out in the wild. We have found that children learn better with hands on experience.

We give an informative talk about birds of prey and can possibly include a flying display.

Kintail Watch

Little Owl


Kintail Watch
Kintail Watch


Kintail Watch is a children's wildlife group run by the National Trust.



Columba 1400 group with Milly the Barn Owl

Columba 1400 group with Milly the Barn Owl

Click here for some comments from Columba 1400.

All courses, and displays must be pre-arranged by telephone or email.

Any enquiries please donít hesitate to contact either Euan or Jenny who will do their best to help.

Would you like to sponsor a bird? Click here for details.

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