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Falconry Courses



Join us for some interesting and educational courses in some stunning countryside.

Hawk Walks

A Hawk Walk is ideal for people who are interested in seeing a bird of prey doing what it does best - Fly.

Basic handling skills will be given before the walk takes place.

One of our hawk walk guests

One of our Hawk Walk guests

For the 2 hours that you are with us you can take in the splendid scenery whilst handling and flying one of our hawks.

This Course will run for about 2 hours.

Click here to see some of the comments from our Hawk Walk customers or take a look at our Hawk Walk picture gallery.

Bird of Prey Introduction Course

This course will run for the day and will include lunch.

It looks at many aspects of falconry and outlines the basic skills involved such as the difference between longwings, shortwings and broadwing birds. It is a good course for people who have a general interest in birds of prey. During the course you will be shown how to use falconry equipment and you will also handle and fly different birds.

This course is for adults only.

Children’s Course

Jenny Sandiford with Barn Owl

This course will run for 3 hours. It includes a basic introduction to falconry. During the course you will be able to handle and will be taught how to train and fly the birds.

Children (14-16 years)
An adult, for whom there is a £5.00 fee, must accompany children (10-14 years).

Jenny Sandiford



Raptor Management Course

This course runs throughout the day but we can arrange a 2 or 3-day course.

A course designed for someone who is looking to keep his or her own bird. It is best if you have already taken an introduction course showing you the basics or if you a have a knowledge of falconry already. This course is detailed and covers the key aspects of falconry.

Raptor Management Course – lunch will be included.

Harris Hawk

Hunting Days – October to March only*

This course will run from 10.30am until 3.00pm.

Why not join us for a day in the hunting field and see true falconry. The term falconry means to use a bird of prey to hunt for food for the pot which is exactly what would have taken place in the 13th or 14th century. The course will start with a personal introduction to handling and flying the birds. Followed by an afternoon in the field where you will be allocated a hawk to work with for the afternoon. There are various hunting grounds. Only quarry caught will be rabbit.

Hunting Days – lunch will be included.

*Available from October 2003

We usually like to limit courses up to 4 people. If you would like to work one to one or have a particular preference the birds you would like to interact with, for example owls or hawks this can be arranged.

Please contact us for details of prices.

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