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 Common Buzzard | Harris Hawk


Common Buzzard - Buteo Buteo


Common BuzzardOne of the most common birds of prey throughout Britain.

 These birds can be seen soaring around the skies in search of carrion and rabbits.


Common BuzzardPeople often mistake the buzzard for the golden eagle.

Whilst the golden eagle has a 6-7 foot wing span with large prominent finger shaped feathers at the end of each wing, buzzards tend to have a more rounded edge to their wings with smaller fingers and have a 4 foot wing span.


Common BuzzardBuzzards are very territorial and will attack any invading buzzards on their territory.

Their habitat ranges from open flat farmland to steep hills and mountains. Nest sites can be both in trees and rocky cliff ledges.

Common BuzzardPeople have made accusations about buzzards catching game birds and poultry. I find this highly unlikely, as buzzards are lazy and would much rather eat an easy meal like carrion.

 Common Buzzard | Harris Hawk


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information on hawk birds  


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