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About Us

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Isle of Skye Falconry is a new award-winning partnership based in Kensaleyre.


Jenny Sandiford with eagle owl

Jenny Sandiford and Euan Naylor have years of experience in the falconry profession and have brought the idea to the Isle of Skye. Both have worked at Bird of Prey Centres in England.

Jenny Sandiford




Euan has also worked as head Falconer at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, demonstrating the History of Falconry.

Euan Naylor with Gyr falcon

Euan Naylor

Euan Naylor & Jenny Sandiford at the Quiraing, Skye
Euan Naylor & Jenny Sandiford at the Quiraing, Skye

For more information about us and our business, take a look at our press coverage pages.

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Photograph at the Quiraing taken by Clive Grewcock.

falconry beginners  


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